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Totally New JobReferee Mobile Version

Posted: 01.15.2014

JobReferee would like to announce the release the new Mobile Version. It is new because it has completely new and fresh design, it has become user-friendly and it has got new features!

First of all the design of the Mobile Version has significantly changed. It now perfectly qualifies to the modern trends of mobile web design. Moreover we have drastically improved the usability of the Mobile Version. It looks and functions equally well on all smartphones including iPhones and Android based devices. We have also included some additional functionality making the Mobile Version an independent career tool for the contemporary Job Seekers giving more and more preferences to mobile recruitment. Job Seekers can now register on the job board, search jobs by keywords and location (including radius search), save job alerts without leaving the Mobile Version. They are alble to manage their profile, resumes, saved jobs directly from their accounts.




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